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CI's Cost Minimized Approach

What's wrong with contract programming?

  1. Designers staying on to code
  2. Coders trying communications
  3. Managers always billable
  4. Mid-project rate increases

What ARE the alternatives?

  1. Wait for in-house schedule opening
  2. Fixed bid off site
  3. Contract programming on site
  4. CI's "Cost Minimized" approach

CI's "Cost Minimized" Approach

  1. Initial estimate provided
  2. Work on-site and at CI's site
  3. Supervision & help not billed at CI's site
  4. Staff are assigned in area of strength
  5. Time of more expensive staff minimized

CI guides programmers past blind alleys, saving clients 20% to 40% -- clients who are worldwide leaders in heavy equipment, trucks,
trip routing software, nuclear power.