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30 Years of Development

Custom PC software for clients’ distributors, dealers, and customers has been CompInnovations’ (CI’s) focus for the past 30 years.

Internationally CI software is used in English and eight foreign languages in the offices of heavy construction equipment dealers (thousands of installations), truck fleet owners (hundreds of installations), lift truck dealers, HVAC distributors, the public utility customers of nuclear engineers, and service centers for nuclear medical cameras. CI is developing its 16th different system for its oldest (20-year) client to distribute to dealers worldwide. CI is currently offering clients who wish to Web-enable a Windows or a Web browser look and feel.

Functionally CI software is found at the parts counter, in the truck fleet service bay, in the nuclear power plant control room, at the financial broker, and at the retail software store. CI originally developed its "smart" search engine Part Master in 1992 as Windows 3.0 software. Today (seven versions later), it’s found on most every continent in the world running on the latest forms of Windows, on PC’s, on network servers (LAN-WAN-Web), and in a Web/e-commerce "shopping cart" environment.

In 1993 CI added a companion product Formulate for product configuration and job costing—now in its sixth version. CI also writes the Windows programming tools used at leading-edge corporations.

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