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finds one part in a million, FAST!

How do you publish technical materials -- one book per model or by a set of master pages that define a custom-built product? Either way, PartMaster finds your information - parts, maintenance info, technical bulletins, and even videos - fast!

  • Web-Enabled - Can be run by all users over the World Wide Web.
  • On CD-ROM, runs on all Windows PC's, whether standalone or networked
  • View & print parts and service manuals, bulletins, and/or product catalogs
  • Customizable to fit your data
  • Select parts straight from diagrams, with no viewing of parts list necessary
  • Powerful searches can be filtered by serial number, product properties, even the customer's product/fleet configuration.
  • Quotes & orders output in custom formats, including direct to your order entry system
  • Interface with dealer business system
  • Do your own updates with the custom Authoring Module
  • Many other features available....

When the customer calls and doesn't know the number, users can search by keyword, part description, or where used, then find out automatically if one part supercedes another part. It's so easy -- you just point to the part to bring up part numbers and descriptions, add parts to an order, or make picking lists and service kits. Rookies find parts like veterans without the costly learning curve.

For more information about PartMaster and what it can do for you, please email us or call 708-326-3996 to speak with one of our representatives.