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CompInnovations (CI) is a 30 year old custom software developer working on both a fixed bid and time and materials basis. CI writes custom Windows programming tools for clients programming in C++ and Visual Basic. These custom tools are developed specifically to clients' specifications; in addition, CI helps clients define exactly what it is they need. The Windows tools follow in the tradition of CI's commercial package "C-Breeze" which was a popular C/DOS toolbox.

CI has written programming tools for a heavy equipment manufacturer's staff programming in C++, for a prominent nuclear engineering firm's staff programming in Visual Basic, and for award-winning consumer packages found on retail store shelves. CI has developed "Geobase," a geographic points-of-interest database, and a multimedia database for these Visual Basic, consumer packages. Descriptions of the other two follow:

C++ Tools

For the heavy equipment firm, CI writes custom C++ controls including edit controls, list controls, and literal controls providing the following:

  • Enhanced error checking
  • Enhanced list box functionality
  • Enhanced combo box functionality
  • Support for multiple spoken languages
  • Support for international date, time, currency, numeric formatting
  • Provision of FYI lines
  • Provision of special dialogue box features

Visual Basic Tools

For the nuclear power industry, CI contributes in two ways to applications that calibrate instruments in nuclear power plants after earthquakes. First, CI programs calculations in C to the client's specifications. Secondly, CI writes Visual Basic tools for the client's developers including:

  • Automated interface between VB forms and SQL Server database
  • Tools make use of the VB API
  • The programs understand the VB controls on a VB form as VB objects
  • The programs can directly manipulate the contents of VB controls
  • Automated handling of version, revisions, cascaded deletes, mandatory fields
  • Automated duplication of entire hierarchies of data across multiple tables
  • Automated formatting of data retrieved from databases
  • Custom VBXs
  • Eliminates programmers dealing with the database at all